Readiness for Funding

In November 2018, we are launching the beta version of our "Readiness for Funding" programme. We are seeking 50 founders who wish to obtain all the key benefits of the programme at no charge in exchange for offering us critical feedback on the course.

Apply here to be one of the free beta users (first 50 only):


Main image of funding readiness
Main image of funding readiness


Many founders would like to seek funding for their new businesses, but are not sure when is the best time.

Other founders simply dive right in, assuming they will get funding and then, to their surprise, do not!

If you are in the first group or do not want to be in the second group - then this programme has been designed for you.


Startup chatter is often about massive funding rounds, unicorns (startups with a valuation of more than $1bn) and mega exits. Founders are encouraged to enter pitching competitions, sign up at funding sites (like and knock down the doors of venture capitalists.

The truth is, very few new businesses receive external funding (other than from friends, family and the occasional government grant). Sure, there are places like Silicon Valley and perhaps Shoreditch in London, where funding seems to be easier to obtain - but even there, there is stiff competition.

The result is that a massive amount of time and effort is put into chasing investment funding - resources that might be better used in winning that most important of finance: customer revenue. That is not to say that you should not seek funding, but it helps to be realistic in your expectations and make sure that you are well-prepared for the journey.

This programme is designed to help you assess:

> whether your business would be likely to receive funding based on your vision of its' nature and future; and

> whether your venture is ready for funding at the current stage of it's life.

Building off the result's of these assessments, then this programme will help you figure what you should be doing to get investment-ready; or at least advise you to not waste time on seeking investment and to focus on growing your business organically.


The programme has been developed using adaptive learning techniques and therefore the curriculum is adapted for each programme attendee based on your inputs. However, the overall pathway takes you through a number of assessments as shown below:

The programme will run over four weeks and it is anticipated that around 4 to 6 hours per week will be required to undertake the activities. although the time will depend on each venture and their overall status.

This programme has a number of unique features:

> Your pathway is customised based on your responses and your specific requirements.

> You will be able to interact with your fellow founders to optimise peer-to-peer learning and support

> There will be real mentors supporting you through the process

> If desired, investment-ready ventures may be introduced to appropriate investors.


At the end of the programme you will have made an objective assessment of whether your venture is ready for funding. In the case of a "not ready", you will know what needs to be done to get you there.

The benefits of this are:

> You will enter all investor meetings on a slightly more equal footing with the investor, with greater confidence in your venture's value and fundability

> Your investment-seeking process will be far more efficient and therefore less resource-intensive

> You will reduce the risk of being rejected by an investor due to being under-prepared; especially as there is seldom a second chance at pitching the same investor

> You will not waste effort on attempting a funding round when there is no or limited opportunities for success

Start date and applications

This programme will officially launch in December 2018.where we will accept a cohort of 50 students; and the initial course fee will be $195-00.

We will launch a beta version for 10 students only, on 30th November 2018. This will be free of charge for those who commit to completing the programme and offering critical feedback. If you would like to be one of these ten, please apply here:


If you are interested in joining the first full programme commencing in December 2018, please apply here. This does not represent a commitment at this stage, but if we are over-subscribed, we will give preference to the earlier applications: