World Economic Forum 2020 on entrepreneurial education

WEF on entrepreneurship nd entrepreneurial education
WEF on entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial education

The World Economic Forum …. love them or hate them, no one can deny the depth and quality of much of their research. The WEF have recognised entrepreneurship as a global issue including entrepreneurial education.

We thought we would alert you to three of their thought-pieces that we believe are critically important to anyone involved in entrepreneurial education – or indeed preparing students for the 21st century world of work.

The topics are:

  • WEF’s view on the importance of entrepreneurial education and how the way it is taught is improving (happily this perfectly reflects the view of Mashauri)
  • The entrepreneurial muscle: why business pioneers start young (which covers the 7 entrepreneurial “muscles”)
  • How the university of the future must adapt to train future leaders (covering 4 ways in which universities must evolve)

We have put together a short interactive presentation delivering the highlights of these articles and links back to their source. Best to view in full screen mode (and don’t miss the links by clicking on the images on page 2 to get to he detail ):

As one of the leaders of your organisation, I trust you find it to be of value and offers food for thought when considering the strategy and positioning of your institution. I would be happy to discuss any of these elements with you or even workshop the findings with your senior management team.

We do recommend that you register with the WEF’s “Strategic Intelligence” site (details of how to do so are included in the presentation) and explore the themes yourself.