Application for the UWC-Mashauri Spring Venture Accelerator Programme.

This programme is for post-graduate students at the University of the Western Cape only.

You should only apply if:

  • You are a post graduate student
  • You have already registered at (if not, do so at: Mashauri Registration)  

If you meet these two requirements and wish to be considered for the programme, please complete the application form below.

NOTE: unless you register AND apply you will not be considered

If you have any queries, please contact me at:

We have 25 places available in the programme and are anticipating an over-subscription, so please carefully complete the application form below and we will keep you updated on the selection process and the results of your application.

Outcomes and objectives

Programme outcome

At the end of the programme, you will have developed a real business idea that has been market tested and you will have learned the right way to go about designing and developing a new business idea.

Programme objectives

You will have undergone an entrepreneurial readiness assessment and been exposed to some of the pro's and con's of entrepreneurship

You will have established your personal purpose for wishing to start a new business venture

You will have identified and evaluated a number of possible business ideas including at least one idea related to your own research project

You will have selected and defined a venture idea to pursue based on a clear set of criteria

You will have analysed the market and competitive landscape surrounding your business idea

You will have selected an initial target market and identified a customer type

You will have developed a value proposition appropriate for your target market

You will have tested the value proposition with real customers

You will have made a movie of yourself pitching your business idea.

You will be part of a supportive, network of like-minded entrepreneurs