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Developing entrepreneurial mindsets

University of Cumbria’s Virtual Entrepreneur Centre

“Entrepreneurial mind-set is, simply, the way an entrepreneur thinks and acts. At its core, entrepreneurial mindset is a set of characteristics, behaviours and skills that drive action. A person with entrepreneurial mindset recognises an otherwise overlooked opportunity, develops the confidence to take a risk, communicates their ideas clearly, and is able to adjust to and learn from setbacks.”

Source: NRFE (network for entrepreneurial training)

The University of Cumbria have recognised the critical importance of developing entrepreneurial mindsets within its student body as well as within society in general -and so have developed a virtual entrepreneur centre. The purpose is to offer programmes that will result in students and participants obtaining and enhancing an entrepreneurial mindset.

A fundamental premise underlying entrepreneurial education is the necessity for students to actively experience entrepreneurship – not simply theoretical learning. Therefore all programmes are designed to be project-based and experiential in nature.

All programme graduates will receive a professional certificate underwritten by the University and will gain access to the benefits of University alumni.


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David Gibson

Professor David Gibson an international entrepreneurial educator has been recognised with an OBE for his work in the area. David is the Director of the Virtual Entrepreneurial Centre and was instrumental in its’ design and creation.

He has taught at various universities in the United Kingdom and has advised other institutions and governments on inculcating an entrepreneurial mindset.



The Virtual Entrepreneur Centre is designed and hosted by Mashauri, the top university entrepreneurial education platform in the world.

The co-founders Simon Gifford and Apoorv Bamba are passionate about developing entrepreneurs and beyond running Mashauri, are frequent lecturers and facilitators at institutions around the world.