UWC: Selling your product (video)

An entrepreneur's most important skill: selling



How to sell anything to anyone.


Selling may be the greatest talent an entrepreneur needs. Undoubtedly, leadership, technical skills, operational talent and so on are often very important. But if you cannot sell, you have got an uphill battle as an entrepreneur. Selling is not just about your product, it is also about selling ideas such as pitching to an investor or persuading an employee to join you.

Strangely enough. it makes many of us also feel uncomfortable. Perhaps because we are opening ourselves to rejection (and there WILL be plenty of that) or  perhaps for the dodgy reputation that sometimes goes with the title: “salesperson”. Be that as it may, you need to get good at it, so watch this video below that talks about the 4 P’s of selling.


Questions to consider:


  • Think about your idea – how would you try and sell it to a customer?
  • Or what might you want to say to convince someone to invest in your product?


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