UWC: Challenges facing young female SA entrepreneurs (video)

Young female South African entrepreneurs face challenges (and special bonus podcast of Mary Kay Ash).



Challenges facing young female SA entrepreneurs


All of the mentors at Mashauri are really pleased that we have a relatively high proportion of female entrepreneurs on the programme – and frankly are proud of their commitment and vision. We thought therefore that it would be interesting for everyone (male and female) to have a glimpse into the challenges faced by 4 of the top female entrepreneurs in SA.


Questions to consider:


  • Do you think it is tougher being a female entrepreneur than a male entrepreneur?
  • Are there ways in which you could convert any of these challenges into strengths or turn them into opportunities?

Special bonus (not mandatory).

While running, I tend to listen to podcasts and came across one today that I am posting here for two reasons:

  1. It is another great story of a woman entrepreneur overcoming all odds and becoming phenomenaly sucessful.
  2.  It made me think of your fellow student: Mapula – and thought she at last might get inspired by this woman whose business model should inform her (Mapula’s) own business venture.


Podcast: Mary Kay Ash Cosmetics: a poor girl with a tough childhood to  billionaire.

Note: the Amazing Founder Stories series can be found at iTunes – its full of motivational stories.



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