RM: The Golden Circle

What is the Golden Circle?


The “Golden Circle” is a concept developed by Simon Sinek which he uses to explain how great leaders communicate to inspire and lead. Below is a short video of him explaining how the Golden Circle works. At a later stage in the programme, we will be drawing our own Golden Circles whereby we explain our ideas and why we are doing it – but for now, watch the video and think about some of the questions posed afterwards.



Note that most of the great leaders do not think: “Ah, I must use the Golden Circle now” as many have neer heard of the concept. But they do know instinctively about how to communicate in an appealing manner. Simon Sinek has simply tried to codify this.
Some short exercises:

  • Think of one of your favourite brands (say maybe a soft drink) and try and write down their “why”, “how” and “what”.
  • Can you draw Rhein-Main’s golden circle?
  • Think of someone who you find to be persuasive (eg a professor, a businessman, a coach, a politician) – see if you can see how they use the Golden Circle to communicate and convince you of their views.

Mark the unit complete when you have done this.



ASSIGNMENT : Golden Circle MARKS : 10  DURATION : 1 week, 3 days

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