RM: introduction to Gudrun Bolduan & other evaluators

Introductory note to Rhein-Main personnel who are evaluating Mashauri for the online section of the Capstone Project

Comments to Rhein-Main evaluators of Mashauri

This program has been designed to assist Rhein-Main University in evaluating Mashauri as a potential supplier of experiential entrepreneurial educational services to the institution and its students.

An example of the a full program appears in the accompanying presentation, but this demonstration program only uses certain modules as an example of the type of material and the style in which it is presented. It includes a number of different “unit types” such as text, videos and images. There are also some assignments built in which use tools and templates to gather information and can be submitted as a project for evaluation. We have also added one quiz as an example, although there are a number of different quiz types beyond the one demonstrated.

Motivation and engagement

Motivation and engagement is really important, especially if the course is not accredited. We have added some motivational material to this demo, but there is a lot more that we would do. In particular, encouraging the students to work together on a peer to peer basis and using tools such as Twitter and Whatsapp. At Mashauri, we continue to learn in practice how to do this as well as tapping into best practices (such as the Stanford Instructional Design program).

The platform has both forum and group functionalities that we are not demonstrating here but may be easily added. However, depending on who are the students and the program itself, we have sometimes found external tools (such as LinkedIn Groups) works better to encourage discussion.

Technical note: the platform is reasonably stable although we have found that on some browsers, it does not “like” too many windows open and/or a single user using multiple users at the same time. If the system keeps logging you out or does not allow login, normally emptying the cache on the browser and starting a new page will fix the issue.

If you are reviewing this demo and were not involved in any of our earlier presentations, you may find the document below might be useful before you start.


Student tracking and evaluation

We have numerous ways of tracking and assessing students and the platform is able to produce various reports. We have found however, that sometimes it is better to take the outputs of these reports and put them in a more visual-friendly format. Below is a simple example of such. Note that underlying this chart is a live link and so this is updated whenever the underlying data is updated.

Tracking, assessment and measurement will be discussed and demonstrated separately.


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