Ideation: Founders’ purpose and goals

Describing your purpose for launching a new business.

As you are getting started, it is a great time to think about why you are planning to launch this venture: what you wish to achieve and in what time-frame.

There is almost no doubt that this will change over time, but it is always useful to have a starting point and a goal that you can occasionally refer back to …. and update if necessary.

The task is to complete the Founders Purpose which is shown below. There is a link to download the pdf as well.

Note that as you are still seeking the right idea, some of your answers may be a little vague. Do not worry – this is still a really useful exercise to do at this stage of your venture.

Word version

Now store this document in a safe place, you will be returning to it later to review and update


Mashauri usage video: how to capture in-page comments.

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Have you been wondering how you might capture ideas and thoughts within your Mashauri page?

Wonder no longer – all is revealed in the short video below.

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