FLY: Startup development phases

The phases of the startup journey


New businesses pass through a number of phases on the way to becoming a sustainable and growing operation. Although the journey has twists and turns, detours, dead-ends and the occasional circular route – the overall direction is described in the diagram below. This is based on lean startup thinking mixed with Steve Blank’s ideas on customer discovery.

As a new founder, you will find it interesting to read through these phases and perhaps return here on a regular basis to track your progress. Within our acceleration programmes, you will be guided along sections of this journey (the section depends upon the actual programme for which you are signed up).

It is worth remembering what you as founders need to be doing over this period and Steve Blank makes the point well when he says:

“Large businesses execute on a known business model; startups are searching for a repeatable and scalable business model.”

Your job over the next few months is to to do that: find a repeatable and scalable business model in the quickest and most efficient way possible. Our aim at Mashauri is to help you do that!


Startup development phases



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