Destiny Design: Founders’ purpose and goals

Describing your purpose for launching a new business.

As you are getting started, it is a great time to think about why you might consider launching a new venture: what you wish to achieve and in what time-frame.

There is almost no doubt that this will change over time, but it is always useful to have a starting point and a goal that you can occasionally refer back to …. and update if necessary. Even if this is the first time you have even considered launching your own business, do try and complete as much as you can of the form – even if some of your answers are vague or “don’t know”.

The task is to complete the Founders Purpose which is shown below. There is a link to download the pdf as well as a Google docs version

Google docs version

Note if you use the Google docs version, you need to go to File > Make a copy (in the menu) to download a copy that you can then complete and save

Now store this document in a safe place on your system and click on the “ASSIGNMENT : Destiny Design: Founders purpose and goals ” link below, where you will be asked to upload the completed template for review



ASSIGNMENT : Destiny Design: Founders purpose and goals MARKS : 10  DURATION : 7 days

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