The future of education and work

Future of education and work

At the end of 2019 I was invited to a summit in London discussing the future of education and work, hosted by HolonIQ. It was a fascinating and inspiring event with hypotheses supported by a strong fact base and a range of presentations by organisations operating at the leading edge of the industry.

I decided to put together a summary of the event in the form of an interactive presentation allowing you to dive into some of the key elements (note on page 2 of the presentation, each block is clickable to reach the underlying organisation). In addition, as entrepreneurial education is your (and our) focus area, we added a page that considers some of the implications for this.

(It is probably best to view this in full screen mode)

As a central point for entrepreneurship in your organisation, you may want to use this material to flag the relevance and importance of developing an entrepreneurial mindset in your institution’s graduates. Please feel free to distribute the link.

I would like to acknowledge Patrick and Maria (co-founders of HolonIQ) for the excellent work they are doing in this space.