Mastering scale – getting from startup to corporate

 A while ago we produced a series of articles around Y-Combinator’s excellent series on how to start a startup. Now I am pleased to say that we are starting a new series based on Reid Hoffman’s (co-founder at both PayPal and LinkedIn) new podcast “Masters of Scale.First acknowledgement to Tim Ferris (4 hour workweek, etc) […]

How to start a business – the no BS step-by-step guide

1. Introduction Given my background, you would be forgiven for thinking that I was probably an ideal person for starting a business. Good university degrees in statistics, economics and an honours in marketing. An MBA with a strategy and finance focus. Real jobs in finance and accounting (6 years); in brand marketing with the multinational […]

The scientific approach to entrepreneurship – standing on the shoulders of giants

Mashauri Scientific entrepreneurship

Leading the thinking on entrepreneurial strategy In the development of the Mashauri concept and our current work in development of our courses and programmes, we have conducted significant research – both primary and secondary. In the latter area, we have come across some brilliant work: authors/entrepreneurs who really form the basis for much of the […]