Mastering scale – getting from startup to corporate

 A while ago we produced a series of articles around Y-Combinator’s excellent series on how to start a startup. Now I am pleased to say that we are starting a new series based on Reid Hoffman’s (co-founder at both PayPal and LinkedIn) new podcast “Masters of Scale.First acknowledgement to Tim Ferris (4 hour workweek, etc) […]

Achieving startup success through problem solving

Stanford d-school on reframing problems

The achievement habit : how to be successful by solving the right problem through reframing. Bernard Roth is the co-founder and academic director of Stanford University’s He recently presented at Stanford’s eCorner a talk called: reframing problems and getting honest. I was so struck by the importance of the talk for entrepreneurs (and non-entrepreneurs) […]

Startup failure rate is too high – and it’s NOT OK!

Startup failure rate too high

News article version of startup failure article Mashauri ( is an organization with a mission to significantly increase the success rate of startups across the globe. They have written a number of articles about startup failure rates – and why Silicon Valley and others are not right in the accepted view that the majority of […]