Scale and grow your business

Finally - paying customers


Congratulations - you have passed most of the early stage startups milestones ... developed a value proposition and business plan, tested it in the market, obtained those critical early stage customers and have developed a revenue stream. You have reached the time to scale.

For businesses at this stage, we have found that there is no generic programme that can be developed to help entrepreneurs. Therefore we have developed a mentor-drive process that will allow us to coach and guide you as you scale-up your company. We will also support you in specific areas as required such as seeking funding, hiring employees, financial management, developing sales processed and refining your product.

If you would like to apply for this process, please complete the questionnaire below. 



Scale and grow
Mashauri's scale and grow programme

Our programme for entrepreneurs who are now seeking paying customers is called: SCALE & GROW


To guide teams of founders as they move from a startup with a clear and tested business model to becoming a fully-fledged organisation

Who is it for:

Entrepreneurs who (all criteria are necessary)

  • Already have a clear business model that is market-tested
  • Already have a product (even if still MVP) that is desired by a set of customers
  • Already have paying customers who are willing to recommend the product to others
  • Are working full-time (at least 80%) on their venture


There is no accurate estimate of timing, but it is unlikely that support will last less than 4 months.

Output / deliverable:

A fully-fledged organisation with a highly positive growth trajectory and supported by clear and robust processes that support significantly higher levels of business.

We would be delighted to support you in discovering customers who will pay for your product or service. However, our programmes require a level of resources (time, money, commitment) and are designed to fit a certain profile of entrepreneur in terms of their knowledge and experience; as well as whether the correct "business building basics" are in place. We therefore ask all our potential customers to complete a short questionnaire.

In this short survey, we assess your status in terms of venture development and whether we are able to offer you the support you require in reaching paying customers. Additionally we test your commitment and resolve to be an entrepreneur.

Shortly after you have completed the survey, we will send you a customised report suggesting the best way forward and some comments on your venture's readiness to seek paying customers. Even if you do not subscribe to the programme, you will find this a useful exercise.

The survey should only take bout 5 to 10 minutes maximum.