RM Week 4 quiz

Demo quiz

RM: Week 4 Quiz

Note to RM evaluators: this quiz is based on material in a normal program which is not included in this demo program. Normally students can answer the questions easily if they have gone through the material. In your case, you may have to “guess” at a few of the answers.

Please answer this short quiz.

If you get an answer wrong, you will be able to retake it.

When you get to the last question, enter “submit quiz” in top right-hand corner. Your results will be calculated and you can then click through to your results page.

If you have received less than 100%, we strongly suggest you re-take the quiz until you score 100%. This will improve your understanding of the material and also help towards your final programme evaluation.

You get up to 5 retakes – but if you are really struggling, why not check with the forum?

Note: when you get to the last question, you simply need to “submit” the quiz from the button in the top right hand corner.

30:00 Time RemainingMins Secs


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