Ideation Quiz 1

Phase 1 quiz

Find out how much you have learned – take our short quiz!

At Mashauri, it is important to us that our students really benefit from our programmes. A quiz is not only a useful way for you to find out if you have absorbed the material, it has also been scientifically proven that exercises like this actually improve learning and retention.

Actually, you will not be able to move on until you have taken the quiz – so give it a go. Don’t worry, if you get an answer wrong, you will be able to retake it.

When you get to the last question, enter “submit quiz” in top right-hand corner. Your results will be calculated and you can then click through to your results page.

If you have received less than 100%, we strongly suggest you re-take the quiz until you score 100%. This will improve your understanding of the material. You get up to 5 retakes.

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