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Acceleration programmes and workshops

This is where entrepreneurs are guided and supported while they conceive and build their new ventures.

Acceleration programmes guide the founders through a lean startup process for a pre-defined portion of the journey e.g. from idea to paying customers. Users are given tasks to undertake and are supported with tools and templates such as business model canvases, forecasting templates and documentation (such as co-founders agreements).

In most acceleration programmes, mentors are available to support the users at specific milestones. In addition, there are forums and groups where founders can share challenges, idea, requests for support etc to make the journey less lonely.

Workshops are shorter programmes where founders design or develop a certain element of the venture. For instance, this might be a hackathon where solutions to problems are developed or may be a design sprint where a specific product issue is addressed.

Both acceleration programmes and workshops may be online or offline.

Training courses

The vast majority of founders (at least the first time around) lack knowledge in many areas that are critical to the success of the venture. We recognise that the solution for most has been to "Google" the answers to specific questions. The problem with this approach is it is time-consuming as there are (literally) millions of answers and it is not always easy to know which are genuine and useful.

We have therefore sourced a set of training courses in all the critical areas (based on research among entrepreneurs). Every course is tested and approved before it is published and we manage the portfolio of courses to keep the best and the most valuable available.

We recognise that entrepreneurs tend to want answers immediately and so we aim to keep the courses succinct and searchable to meet this need.

All courses have a series of quizzes throughout and at the end, so that users are able to measure their progress. At the end of the course, the successful students get "Mashauri-certified" which may be useful when looking for work at a startup - or simply to feel proud and satisfied that they have gained another valuable skill.

Programme Structure


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