Explainer and promotional videos

Have you always wanted a video to promote your site, app or explain your product – but could never afford it. Well you can now at Mashauri Products for Startups.



Animated videos are a fantastic way of getting attention, explaining your product and creating some fun and excitement. They are proven to be more than 50% more effective than static images – and if you get the right tone, they can even go viral!

We can get our experts to build an animated video for you in a number of days – and it won’t cost the price of a Disney production! It will require you doing a little work in developing a storyline and helping us find the right “look and feel” ┬ábut it will be worth it as it will be your own. What’s more, as your business moves, we can update the video to keep it fresh and relevant.

Interested, fill in the short form below and we will get in contact with you to get going.

Prices as low as $199.00 for a 45 second video.

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