Startup valuation

Get an independent valuation for your startup. You can use it with potential investors, co-founders, employees and advisors



Would you like to get an independent valuation of your startup? It is always a little challenging to put a number on a business with no or limited revenue, however there are methods to reach an estimate.

We will use 3 different approaches and triangulate to a consistent number. You will receive all the calculations and the underlying rationale.

Note that we will produce an estimate. However, the actual value is dependent on the perspective of the viewer. For instance, an angel investor focused on your industry niche who has a gap in their portfolio will have a different perspective than an early stage VC with a broad portfolio and more of a hands-off approach. However, our valuation will at least offer a sensible starting point.

Fill in the form below and we will tell you if we believe we are able to undertake an evaluation and quote you. The price is likely to be between $89-00 and $199-00 depending on the complexity.

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