Ideation – IE XL sample: finding the right idea for your new business



This is a sample program for IE XL personnel to review.

Many people have a strong urge to be an entrepreneur. The reasons are varied including “be my own boss”, “work when I want to”, “cannot find a normal job”, “want a second career”, “want to make a difference in the world”, “want to become a millionaire” ….

Whatever the reason, you need to start with an idea. If you are not one of the lucky ones who already have a clear concept, then this course will help you find an idea that intersects with your needs, competencies and market demand.

When you have finished this programme, you will have a clear idea as to what business you want to build that will have included some early verification. You will be ready for the next step where you build it into a clear value proposition for a specific market.

What’s more, you will have taken that first, all important step to being an owner of your own, successful business.


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