Venture domain registration

Welcome to Mashauri – we are an organisation aimed at assisting entrepreneurs beat the odds – and conceive, launch and grow a successful business. Something that less than 30% of entrepreneurs are able to do.

You are here as you are interested in finding out about naming your business and / or finding a domain name. We have selected the best material on the subject and it is an important step in most of our early stage programmes.




We want you to get a feel for what our programmes are and how they work – so if you click below, you will get taken to the “Naming your Venture” module in our FLY programme. You will get all the information you need to help you name your new venture including videos, links and tips on things such as: where to check if your name has already been taken! If you like, you will also be able to look around the programme and see the FLY curriculum and how it all works.

Naming your new venture.

You might also enjoy heading off to our blog page to see more tips, best practices and case studies around starting your own business.


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