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UCT Social Entrepreneurship

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University of Cape Town: Social entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is not simply about making money. Many entrepreneurial ventures aim at solving real-world social issues. Learn how to do this sustainably with the University of Cape Town

Social entrepreneurship by UCT

1 year Masters Program where you learn how to build a social impact venture.
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ASHOKA UNIVERSITY deep tech entrepreneurship

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Ashoka University: deep tech ventures

The accessibility of deep tech has resulted in an explosion of opportunities for entrepreneurs. The Ashoka University Diploma program will lead you through the right process to de-risk the creation of your deep-tech venture

deep tech venture creation

1 year Masters program in deep-tech venture building
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Stellenbosch university: agritech ventures

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Stellenbosch university: building an agritech business

Food poverty is a crisis that already exists. Learn how to build tech-based agricultural ventures and contribute to addressingthis critcal issue

Help solve the world food crisis

6 month Diploma where you learn how to build an agri-tech business
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lehigh university: bio-robotics

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Lehigh university: bio-robotic ventures

Where biomedical engineering, cybernetics and robotics intersect is a place where machines that imitate biology are innovated.

lehigh university: bio-robotic ventures

1 year Diploma in building bio-robotic ventures
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