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We help University Professors and Directors deliver meaningful and practical entrepreneurial programmes to all students - from all disciplines.


Mashauri have developed an online acceleration platform that teaches students entrepreneurial skills as they build a real venture.

The program can operate in a number of ways:

> As a stand-alone program

> As a capstone-type project that integrates with a classroom based entrepreneurial course

> As a solution that houses an entrepreneurial event (eg a hackathon) that allows for student selection, content capture and longevity after the event has ended.

Mashauri acceleration platform

Best practice digital learning techniques underpin the platform ensuring  high student engagement and completion rates.



The Mashauri model has been developed with Universities in mind. The system is both low cost and is able to be implemented rapidly once the decision to move forward has been taken.

We are currently seeking Universities who wish to act as early stage partners as we develop our range of products and refine our technology to optimally deliver the solution. Our partners benefit through high discount levels as well as a support levels generally unseen in the technology space. If you would like to become one of these partners, please click on the button below.