Mashauri for Universities

Entrepreneurship is a life-skill that should be available to all students from all faculties. Even if a student is not likely to ever launch their own venture, the innovation and customer focus skills are invaluable in just about any field.

University heads have told us that although they recognise the demand to offer good entrepreneurial courses - both from students and as a way of improving the profile of the institutions - there are challenges in offering good entrepreneurial programmes. The main ones being

  • lack of credible teaching staff
  • the need to offer a highly practical course
  • limited and over-stretched budgets
  • no clear locus for entrepreneurship in the university

Mashauri have therefore developed a platform that allows universities to offer on-line (and blended), highly practical programmes to students either within a faculty or cross-faculty. Our programmes are customisable and co-branded and so we can gear up to meet an institution's specific requirements. What is more, they "play well" with other entrepreneurial activities and groupings such as entrepreneurial clubs, hackathons, incubators and competitions.

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Mashauri for universities