Everybody knows that the failure rate of new businesses is high - too high.
At Mashauri we have studied this and worked out how to increase your chance of success.
See the video and find out why and how.


We have found that entrepreneurs who are seeking support generally roughly fall into one of 4 categories.

Decide which statement most closely fits your position, then click on the appropriate button and discover more about the programmes available and details such as pricing options and timing. You may then complete a short assessment which will allow us to assess if we are able to support you and to suggest the best way forward.

1. "I want to be an entrepreneur - but do not yet have an idea of what business I want to develop."

2. "I have a clear idea, but do not know the right way to get started."

3. "I am clear about my idea and have analysed the market and competition, but I need  some paying customers to prove the model before I scale "

4. "I already have some early paying customers and want to work out how to scale and grow the business."

"Or, not sure where you fit?"