How the programme works

Getting on the path to success.
Launching a new business

Are you ready to launch and grow your new business the right way?

And beat the odds of failing?


Choose the right programme for you: 

IDEATION: discover the perfect idea for your new business

LAUNCH: develop your idea into a market-tested value proposition

TRACTION: build your product and get your first paying customers

GROWTH COACH: scale and grow your business


FLY acceleration programme

Mashauri coder at work





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Stay on track with the Mashauri programme
Work through the programme




Build your venture as you work through the programme.

The curriculum shows you where you are and where you are going





The course dashboard summarises progress and helps you keep track of your interactions with mentors and your community contacts.


Progress tracking
Track your progress
Assignment work
Mashauri assignments drive your

Assignments are where you produce concrete outputs

- from building a business model canvas to interviewing customers.

They give you clear instructions as to how and what to do.

They are timed to keep you on track.

Your mentor (LAUNCH programme) will review and comment on your submissions.


Best practice tools, canvases, templates, interview guides, mentor review packs .....

All are aimed at keeping you moving towards reaching your goal as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Plus: we make them fun to do too!

Startup Strategy Canvas
Mashauri Startup Strategy Canvas



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