Mashauri : developing tomorrow's entrepreneurs today

Mashauri's mission is to develop successful entrepreneurs around the globe.

We do this through offering higher education institutions an entrepreneurial education platform that allows them to give their graduates an entrepreneurial mindset

Mashauri for Education Institutions

The Mashauri Entrepreneurial Education platform and the Academy are based on 3 principles:

Experiential in nature:

Learning entrepreneurship must be done experientially and so our programmes are hands-on and practical. For instance, our flagship acceleration programme supports students launching a real business.

High completion rates:

Using advanced digital learning, gamification and engagement techniques, the majority of our students complete the programme in its entirety.

Online and blended:

Although our programmes are mainly online, we frequently blend them with offline activities such as mentor meetings, student labs, webinars, lectures and hackathons.


Mashauri - an introduction

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