Mashauri : developing tomorrow's entrepreneurs today

Mashauri's mission is to develop successful entrepreneurs around the globe.

We do this through offering higher education institutions an entrepreneurial education platform that allows them to give their graduates an entrepreneurial mindset

Mashauri for Education Institutions

The Mashauri Entrepreneurial Education platform and the Academy are based on 3 principles:

Experiential in nature:

Learning entrepreneurship must be done experientially and so our programmes are hands-on and practical. For instance, our flagship acceleration programme supports students launching a real business.

High completion rates:

Using advanced digital learning, gamification and engagement techniques, the majority of our students complete the programme in its entirety.

Online and blended:

Although our programmes are mainly online, we frequently blend them with offline activities such as mentor meetings, student labs, webinars, lectures and hackathons.


Mashauri - an introduction

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Why we do it

Why we exist

Just imagine ....

if every university student could develop an entrepreneurial mindset - regardless of their discipline

If universities could produce graduates who ...

viewed problems and risks as opportunities,
believed in their own creativity and capacity for innovation,
accepted failure as a valuable learning experience,
demonstrated initiative, self-discipline and resilience,
thrived in adopting new technologies to address today's issues.

That is our dream ...

that worldwide, each student be given the opportunity to embrace an entrepreneurial perspective through experiential education.

We achieve this through ...

assisting educators in producing 21st century graduates capable of driving their own careers -
whether in new business creation, through social entrepreneurship, or even
by becoming that most valuable of employee - an intrapreneur!


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Mashauri what we do

What we do

Mashauri provides an online entrepreneurial education platform to universities. Through this we support these institutions in producing graduates with an entrepreneurial mindset who are equipped to innovate in their own venture or as an employee.

Mashauri's flagship product is an online acceleration platform that teaches students entrepreneurial skills as they build a real venture.

The program can operate in a number of ways:

  • As a stand-alone program
  • As a capstone-type project that integrates with a classroom based entrepreneurial course
  • As a solution that houses an entrepreneurial event (eg a hackathon) that allows for student selection, content capture and longevity after the event has ended.

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In addition we offer blended and offline programmes in support of universities' entrepreneurial initiatives. Scroll down our home page to view our acceleration programmes, simulations, workshops, hackathons and free training courses.

Working with us

The Mashauri model has been developed with Universities as the focal point of delivery. The system is both low cost and able to be implemented rapidly once the decision to move forward has been taken.

We are currently seeking Universities who wish to act as early stage partners as we develop our range of products and refine our technology to optimally deliver the solution. Our partners benefit through high discount levels as well as a support levels generally unseen in the technology space. If you would like to become one of these partners, message me at

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How we do it


Students benefit by recognising entrepreneurship as a real option, learn how to build a business and acquire skills that make them more employable in today’s world. They gain an entrepreneurial mindset that increases their employability.

Universities benefit in delivering on their promise to students and are also able to better position themselves in the market and community as a key player in the entrepreneurial ecosystem

The community (around the university) benefits through students frequently addressing local issues in their new ventures

The nation benefits through the innovation and job creation that arises from students entering the economy prepared and able to stimulate growth and new ventures.

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