Mashauri gettingready

This year I will .....

start my own business

fund my venture

exit my venture

scale my business

work in a startup

become a unicorn

pivot my venture

get traction

hack my growth

start a startup

become a successful entrepreneur

What will you do this year?





 Watch the video to find out why we launched this service and how Mashauri can help you to rapidly become a successful entrepreneur.




At Mashauri, we reject the "common wisdom" that 80% of new ventures have to fail. With the right approach, process, tools, support and discipline a far higher number of ventures could survive and thrive.

To meet our mission of increasing the success rate of entrepreneurs around the globe we have developed as an acceleration and training platform and our pleased to announce that we are now "open for business".

We have launched with two accelerator programmes: LAUNCH and FLY plus a simple assessment to see which (if any) are right for you. We offer money-back guarantees to our early users so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Have a look at our Programme Structure to see how we are developing this platform to help YOU to be successful.


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We are seeking instructors who wish to share their knowledge & experience with entrepreneurs.

And earn some income too!

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