Ideation -finding the right idea for you and your business.



There are some people who seem to simply know what venture they want to build. They have a clear vision and purpose and start working on it as soon as possible. In our experience, these are the lucky few. Most people like yourselves are less certain. You may have some vague idea of what you want to build, you may have a few options you are exploring or you may simply have no idea.

The really good news is that it does not matter. In 70% of the cases, what people start out to develop changes along the way anyway. It may be that the market is not what you expected, the need is not as strong as you thought - or may be you simply found a better opportunity.

What is important is that you start in the right place - which is doing something that ticks all or most of four critical boxes:

  • You have a deep passion about the product or the problem yo desire to solve
  • The resulting business will meet your requirements
  • The market is big enough, real enough and with at least some space where you have an advantage
  • You have the capabilities and resources and determination to make it happen

Our ideation programme is aimed at helping you develop and then assess ideas to help you find the right one for you.

If you would like to apply or find out if you are suited to the programme, please complete the questionnaire below the course announcement. We will respond with a customised report suggesting what is the best way forward for you - and we will also give you some tips on your entrepreneurial readiness.


We have one programme for entrepreneurs at this stage: Ideation.


To guide would-be entrepreneurs in seeking and selecting an idea which can be developed into a business

Who is it for:

Would-be entrepreneurs who

  • Do not have a business idea
  • Have a number of ideas from which they would like to select one
  • Would like to test their existing idea by taking it through the Mashauri idea validation process


1 to 2 weeks

Output / deliverable:

A selected idea that has been tested against all the required criteria and ranked as the most likely to succeed among all those assessed.

We would be delighted to support you in getting started with your new business venture. However, our programmes do require a level of resources (time, money, commitment) and are designed to fit a certain profile of entrepreneur in terms of their knowledge and experience. 

In this short survey, we assess your status in terms of idea development, we test your commitment and resolve to be an entrepreneur and we get to understand a little about the skills you bring.
Shortly after you have completed the survey, we will send you a customised report suggesting the best way forward and some comments on your entrepreneurial readiness. Even if you do not take the ideation programme, you will find this a useful exercise.

The survey should only take bout 5 to 10 minutes maximum.