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The e-factor

Written by David Gibson, O.B.E.


Are you ready to change your life?

There are few programs that have a high chance of massively changing your life – but this is one of them.

By developing and enhancing your “e-factors” you will start thinking and acting like an entrepreneur – seeing opportunities on every corner, unleashing your creative potential, deciding where you want to be and then taking concrete steps to get there!

With well-developed e-factors, you will have the capability to launch your own entrepreneurial venture, start to manage your own destiny and follow your true passion. But if you prefer a more traditional career, these elements are going to put you head and shoulders above the rest of the market. Employers are desperate for graduates who demonstrate the e-characteristics. 

The e-factors

Creativity and innovation
Personal mastery
Assertion and negotiation
Planning your outcome
personal marketing
Leadership and team-building
Personal marketing

Supported and certified by the University of Cumbria

The Backstory

How David got to write the E-Factor

Professor David Gibson OBE spent  twenty years as an Entrepreneurial Accountant advising business owners how  to develop their skills and mindset. 

The result was the development of an entrepreneurial competency model called the E-factor  and a book published by Pearson Education in 2006

He implemented the model at Queens University Belfast as part of the curriculum of the entire student population He followed a sample of thirty thousand students over ten years and found not only had the students developed sustainable entrepreneurial skills but a record number of businesses were started and many successful CEOs were created. 
The model was then applied at Liverpool John Moores University and is now used throughout the world with students, educators, entrepreneurs and executives. 
Together with Mashauri, David has recognised the power of putting the E-factor inside of an experiential, online course . The result of that thinking is the E-Factor program that is distributed via the Mashauri entrepreneurial education platform.
Master the skills
Learn through doing
Practical exercises
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