UWC Winter 2017 Venture Accelerator

The UWC Mashauri Winter Venture Accelerator is a customised programme, co-created by Mashauri and the University of the Western Cape to teach and support UWC entrepreneurs in launching and building their own businesses.


The UWC Venture Accelerator is the UWC’s centre for innovation and entrepreneurship starter programme for entrepreneurs

Creating a new business can be a life-changing experience for you and potentially all your future customers and employees. However, the road is not easy and requires knowledge, dedication and plenty of hard work.

UWC have launched this programme to give their entrepreneurs the necessary knowledge, skills and guidance to get going on the journey – the dedication and hard work will be up to you!

Report to the Boss – or be the Boss.

Your choice!

The first programme has been successfully completed – congratulations to all finishers. The second programme for post graduates is due to run in Spring 2017.

If you would like to be considered for the programme please register at Spring 2017 Venture Accelerator



By the end of the Venture Accelerator programme, you will have developed, tested and validated your business idea in the market. If the test is positive, you will be ready to take the next steps in building a business model and the first demonstrable product (called a minimum value product) to customers. 

Even if your initial idea proves not to be viable, you will have learned how to get going with starting a new business and have a tool-set and process to help you try out the next idea! 

PLUS: two fantastic awards:

The best team participation during the online programme gets an internship with Silicon Cape Network

The first prize winner will be sent to the January 2018 Startup Safari to India.


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  1. uwc Venture Accelerator


    This was a good platform for students to learn about generating ideas (forming business foundations) and to build on their ideas. I would recommend this to other students.

  2. UWC Venture Accelerator


    This was an amazing experience! The programme itself was well structured and equipped me with the essential skills required to go from a simple idea with no foundation to a complete product and service with solid complete analysis. The guidance throughout the journey requires dedication and hard work which at the end of the path is rewarding. I would strongly recommend this programme for those who need a starter pack to dive with as an entrepreneur.

  3. UWC Venture Accelerator


    An excellent platform for any student with an idea to start up business. A good platform for enterpreneurs to reevaluate their operating systems for better improvements in running business.
    No Reservations at all.

  • 56 Days
  • 27 SEATS

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