The Growth Coach

The GROWTH COACH is for those startups who already have some paying customers and are ready to scale.


    A coach-intensive programme where your organisation moves from a small business with a proven business model to one with rapid growth with sustainable processes that scale to meet the growth.

    Eric Fairbairn from POD Point said: ““Each time your business doubles everything seems to break; your sales process, finance processes, management information flow, so every time your company doubles in size, you end up re-designing every process you have.”

    The Growth Coach is aimed to help CEO’s face the myriad and inter-related challenges of high growth that include:

    • Leadership
    • Recruitment (and firing)
    • Communication (internal and external)
    • Growth engine identification and optimisation
    • Cash management and funding the business
    • Nurturing the culture
    • Process development
    • Decision making
    • Managing risk


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