The art of startup finance

Finance is about more than just money and numbers. Bill Reichert from Kauffman Foundation builds a strategic “Finance Pyramid” to help you understand how finance underpins your goals and strategies. Through eight critical lessons Bill provides you with the tools of finance you’ll need to monitor and understand your company’s operating metrics, and, ultimately, help you turn your vision into reality.


Finance is about more than just money and numbers.

Kauffman Foundation offer a course on startup finance. Here you are able to access the Kauffman course directly or the Mashauri version. The main difference is that we have added in a few extra elements that we believe makes it slightly more relevant to our customers.

If you are starting your own business and feel your team lacks the necessary financial skills than this is a perfect course for you to get to grips with financial issues, budgeting and forecasting. In about 12 hours, you will become familiar with things like income statements, balance sheets, cash flows and key performance indicators. At a later stage you will still require financial assistance, but this course will help you through the early phases before such input becomes necessary.

Check out the curriculum on the left for more information (click on the + arrows to get to the detail).

Click on the title below to get to the Kauffman course or signup (free) for the course at Mashauri and get the enhanced version with value-added content, quizzes and supporting material.

The art of startup finance.

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