Rhein-Main Demonstration Program

This is a demo venture accelerator for RheinMain University of Applied Sciences. It contains examples of the program elements and should be read in conjunction with the presentation material.


This is a demo program for review by selected persons within Rhein-Main University of Applied Sciences and other university entrepreneurial promoters (professors / incubator leads, DVC’s, etc

Please contact simon.gifford@mashari.org if you wish to have access

By the end of the Accelerator programme, students will have developed, tested and validated their business idea in the market. If the test is positive, they will be ready to take the next steps in building a business model and the first demonstrable product (called a minimum value product) to customers. 

Even if the initial idea proves not to be viable, the students will have learned how to get going with starting a new business and have a tool-set and process to help them try out the next idea! 

As important: it has been clearly demonstrated that students who develop an entrepreneurial mindset also increase their levels of employability in the job market.

Programme details: outcome and objectives

Programme outcome

At the end of the programme, you will have developed a real business idea that has been market tested and you will have learned the right way to go about designing and developing a new business idea.

Programme objectives

  • You will have undergone an entrepreneurial readiness assessment and been exposed to some of the pro’s and con’s of entrepreneurship
  • You will have established your personal purpose for wishing to start a new business venture
  • You will have identified and evaluated a number of possible business ideas including at least one idea related to your own research project
  • You will have selected and defined a venture idea to pursue based on a clear set of criteria
  • You will have analysed the market and competitive landscape surrounding your business idea
  • You will have selected an initial target market and identified a customer type
  • You will have developed a value proposition appropriate for your target market
  • You will have tested the value proposition with real customers
  • You will have made a movie of yourself pitching your business idea.
  • You will be part of a supportive, network of like-minded entrepreneurs



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