Do you want to start your own business – but don’t yet have a business idea?
Or you have a few ideas and cannot decide on the best one?
Then this programme is for you.


Many people have a strong urge to be an entrepreneur. The reasons are varied including “be my own boss”, “work when I want to”, “cannot find a normal job”, “want a second career”, “want to make a difference in the world”, “want to become a millionaire” ….

Whatever the reason, you need to start with an idea. If you are not one of the lucky ones who already have a clear concept, then this course will help you find an idea that intersects with your needs, competencies and market demand.

When you have finished this programme, you will have a clear idea as to what business you want to build that will have included some early verification. You will be ready for the next step where you build it into a clear value proposition for a specific market.

What’s more, you will have taken that first, all important step to being an owner of your own, successful business.


Course outcome:

By the end of the course, you will have selected a sound business idea to develop into a new venture.
“Sound” based on a wide scan of possibilities and then a selection made based on clear criteria.

Course objectives:

  • Based on your exposure to top entrepreneurs discussing their experiences, you will decide whether or not you wish to undertake the journey.
  • You will set your overall purpose and goals for your new venture which can then be used to continually direct you in the process
  • You will learn the right way to go about selecting a business concept and use this knowledge to select a new venture idea that is right for you, but also reflects the realities of the market.
  • You will refine the idea and describe a first-cut estimate of the key elements of a value proposition including the problem being solved, customer segments, competitive offerings and market size.
  • You will venture into the market and undertake an initial validation of the idea with real customers.


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  • $24.00
  • 14 Days
  • 50 SEATS

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