Ashoka Entrepreneur in Residence Programme 2018

The Entrepreneur in Residence is an exciting 5-month program that allows Fellows and undergraduate alumni to stay back on Campus after graduation, work on their entrepreneurial idea and take it to a fundable business plan stage


Creating a new business can be a life-changing experience for you and potentially all your future customers and employees. However, the road is not easy and requires knowledge, dedication and plenty of hard work.

The objective of the EiR programme is to provide a support platform for aspiring entrepreneurs at Ashoka University to nurture their business ideas in a university environment, having access to networks, mentors, and other fellow entrepreneurs.

With this online programme, Mashauri will support this objective through providing the online education and support platform that guides and supports the entrepreneur through the business development process. Basically we provide a map, a compass, some essential tools and a guide to help you along the way.

Further details of the programme can be found at the Ashoka website: EiR

By the end of the EiR programme, you will have developed, tested and validated your business idea in the market, developed a robust business model, crafted a minimum viable product and already have paying customers.



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