Ashoka Capstone Project 2018/19

The Ashoka Capstone Project 2018/19 is the inaugural entrepreneur program for students wishing to build their own business whle studying.


Creating a new business can be a life-changing experience for you and potentially all your future customers and employees. However, the road is not easy and requires knowledge, dedication and plenty of hard work.

Entrepreneurial education takes a number of forms from enterprise awareness to entrepreneurial effectiveness. In this bold and adventurous initiative, Ashoka are training and supporting students on the program to start a real business. This will take you through pre-seed funding, business registration, business model development and testing, further funding rounds and on to having paying customers. It even includes you becoming an intern in a real Indian startup.

In this accredited course, you will be attending face to face lectures, but the majority of your work will be done outside of the lecture theatre in the real world and supported by this online program to further equip you with the knowledge, tools, insights and network to grow and develop your business idea.

Ready for the challenge? Then sign on here to apply to be one of (the few) students selected for this inaugural program. But do not worry – even if you do not get accepted we will give you feedback on your business idea and perhaps even support you with other programs to get you on your way.

By the end of the Capstone Project, you will have developed, tested and validated your business idea in the market, received early stage funding and already have paying customers.

Ashoka Capstone Project for entrepreneurs


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