Mashauri Competitions

Engage students in an exciting and energising way

So often, those who do not win a competition end up feeling rejected with negative feelings about the organiser.

It does not have to be that way, if everyone gains something by competing!

Very busy day of young business person
All competitors get:

Entrepreneurial training

Support in developing their idea

Feedback on their submissions

A participation certificate

Access to free training courses

Networking opportunities

You get:

A low resource initiative

An objective adjudication

Multi-criteria algorithm based judging

Entry management

Access to students & submissions

Distant education. Middle aged teacher giving online lesson via internet at home

Use cases for competitions

Encouraging entrepreneurship
Motivation Seminar
Access to incubator or accelerator
No entry
Competition for corporate partner
Two stylish corporate executives in a discussion
Idea generation for a hackathon
Two creative women partners discussing ideas.
Access to school or bootcamp
Opening hotel door with keyless entry card