The future of education and work

Future of education and work

At the end of 2019 I was invited to a summit in London discussing the future of¬†education and work, hosted by HolonIQ. It was a fascinating and inspiring event with hypotheses supported by a strong fact base and a range of presentations by organisations operating at the leading edge of the industry. I decided to…

Invigorating entrepreneurship and innovation at universities

Invigorating entrepreneurship

Do you think that innovation and entrepreneurship and creativity should be somehow linked in a higher education institution? Do you think they are linked in your university or college? Some interesting research by T. Pitso conducted in Scandinavia and South Africa suggests that this is generally not the case. There is a citation and link…

Enterprise and entrepreneurship education guidance

Mashauri entrepreneurship online

Executive summary. In January 2018, the UK QAA (Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education) released an excellent paper: The Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Education Guidance (referred to as EEE in this article) to provide direction to the provision of entrepreneurship education in the UK. It reads like a set of best practices and has been accepted…

How entrepreneurial is your university – and why you should care

Developing an entrepreneurial mindset

Universities are increasingly being required to instil an entrepreneurial mindset in their students as a valuable life-skill that not only helps in launching new ventures but also makes students more employable. This article talks about the why and how of the entrepreneurial university.

Putting the uni in unicorn

Putting the uni in unicorn

Putting the uni in unicorn: how universities can do more to foment entrepreneurship and new venture creation.

Edtech around the world

Admittedly, this may be more interesting to investors in education technology and/or entrepreneurs operating in this space, but even educators themselves may find this a fascinating read. If nothing else it points to some of the way our lives as entrepreneurial educators might change in the future. I am referring to the work done by…