10 principles that will improve your university’s entrepreneurial ecosystem

Entrepreneur ecosystem

10 principles that will help you build your university’s entrepreneurial ecosystem  “Entrepreneurial ecosystems drive local economic vibrancy and national economic growth by building fertile environments for new and growing companies to thrive …. an interconnected network of support players – people who work to give entrepreneurs the access, tools and information they need to be […]

Teaching entrepreneurship – an instructor’s perspective

This article, co-written by Professor David Kirby and Simon Gifford, complements earlier articles on the purpose of entrepreneurial education and whether it can be taught. Here we focus on how it can be taught and the effectiveness of different types of teaching. It outlines the key elements required for teaching “for” entrepreneurship, the skills and expertise required by the teacher, the teaching context and what teachers can do to overcome some of the constraints on provision.

It suggests that teachers have three options namely Do it Yourself, Team up, or use an Online Programme Manager. It concludes by stressing that both institutions and teachers need themselves to be entrepreneurial by taking the initiative and launching a programme – rather than waiting for the “perfect” moment.

How to deliver quality entrepreneurial education at scale: a university perspective

Entrepreneurial education - the obstacles and solutions

Entrepreneurial education (EE) for university students has never been more important and we hope that our last article on the subject left you convinced of this.

Here, we unpack some of the major challenges that universities face in delivering quality entrepreneurial education at scale; and then follow with two solutions that might help you address these issues.

Teaching online: some tips to get you started.

Mashauri responds to the COVID-19 crisis by offering some tips to newbie online educators by way of a free e-book. As COVID-19 spreads, schools and universities are being shut down and teachers asked to give their courses online. Although there are many experienced online educators, if you are one of the many who are being […]

Should an entrepreneurial education be offered to all university students?

Entrepreneurship education should be taught to all students

From the student perspective, the answer is certainly “yes”; and from the perspective of the institution the answer is probably a “yes” as well.  Introduction I need to start with a disclaimer: the last 6 years of my life have been focussed on developing Mashauri: an education platform for universities to enable them to offer […]