Mashauriin a tweet

Mashauri in a tweet

The # 1 platform for universities wishing to offer experiential entrepreneurial education to their students.

The co-founders of Mashauri

Simon Gifford, founder

Simon Gifford: CEO

25+ years as strategy consultant to top corporates (ex-partner Deloitte)

Entrepreneur (co-founder: Mashauri, Genesis, Exeter Consultants)

Adjunct Professor (strategy, entrepreneurship, M&A) at IE Business School, Spain.

Apoorv Bamba: Chief Product Officer

Entrepreneur and curriculum design specialist

Co-founder of Startup Safari

Visiting lecturer (various universities)

Mashauri co-founder Victor de la Torre

Victor de la Torre: ex-CTO, now advisor

Bio-informatics and big data specialist

Entrepreneur (co-founder: Mashauri and Softactiva)

Senior Research Fellow at Fujitsu

Designing Mashauri

A: We took the idea of a start-up accelerator and designed an online version.

B: We looked at best practices in new venture development and codified it using processes, tools and templates.

C: We examined university education of entrepreneurs, flipped the classroom, added in some gamification and developed an entrepreneurial course.

A + B + C = Mashauri.

An online platform designed for universities to enable them to offer experiential entrepreneurial education to their students.



Students benefit by recognising entrepreneurship as a real option, learn how to build a business and acquire skills that make them more employable in today’s world. They gain an entrepreneurial mindset that increases their employability.

Universities benefit in delivering on their promise to students and are also able to better position themselves in the market and community as a key player in the entrepreneurial ecosystem

The nation benefits through the innovation and job creation that arises from students entering the economy prepared and able to stimulate growth and new ventures.

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