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Starting up

New venture success should not be a matter of luck.

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Mashauri can guide you in building a successful business.

Mashauri's mission is to improve the success rate of new businesses across the globe. We do this through two types of  programmes:

  •    Acceleration programmes and workshops, where entrepreneurs are guided and supported while they conceive and build their new ventures.
  •    Training courses, where entrepreneurs are able to build out their knowledge base with specific skills and subject matter which they will need to develop their ventures.

The majority of our services are online, although we do offer some blended programmes (mixture of online and offline) to meet demand for those times where face to face is necessary and feasible.

For more detail of course structure, go to "programme structure" in the "Course" menu item


We have curated the very best and the most relevant programmes for entrepreneurs. Every course has been tested by our entrepreneurial community and we constantly manage the course portfolio to bring you the best of the best - at an affordable price.


All courses include training materials and useful tools and templates to kick-start your learning. The majority of modules end with a quiz which you need to pass before moving onto the next phase. This way you know that you have sufficient understanding to proceed.


Simon Gifford, founder Mashauri.org

Simon Gifford, the founder of Mashauri.org has 30 years experience in business supporting major corporations, public sector enterprises, small businesses and startups. He was a global partner at Deloitte Consulting and Braxton Associates. He has launched 4 businesses including Genesis Management Consulting, Genesis-DISRUPT, Mashauri.com (an online accelerator) and Mashauri.org. He is an adjunct professor at one of the most prestigious business schools in the world: IE Business School, where he lectures on strategy, M&A, entrepreneurship and scaling organisations.





Underlying philosophy

At Mashauri, we reject the "common wisdom" that 80% of new ventures have to fail. With the right approach, process, tools, support and discipline a far higher number of ventures could survive and thrive.

To meet our mission of increasing the success rate of entrepreneurs around the globe we have developed Mashauri.org as an acceleration and training platform and our pleased to announce that we are now "open for business".

We have launched with two accelerator programmes: LAUNCH and FLY plus a simple assessment to see which (if any) are right for you. We offer money-back guarantees to our early users so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Have a look at our Programme Structure to see how we are developing this platform to help YOU to be successful.



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