60 minutes to build an MVP
60 min mvp2

Build a fully functioning MVP in 60 minutes

Without any technical skills

The Minimum Viable Product

If you have been an entrepreneur for longer than 2 minutes, you will have heard about the "minimum viable product" aka MVP

You will also know that the sooner you develop one, the quicker you can start really testing your idea.

And the quicker you get to revenue or investment!

But how do you go about this - especially if you lack technical skills?

With Mashauri's online workshop, you can build one in an hour.

What you need

All you need is:

(1) A clear value proposition (and we can help you with this as well!)

(2) Two other people to work with - ideally co-founders, but friends or colleagues work just as well.

(3) Access to a computer and broad-band


And BOOM - you are ready to go!

The process

A 30 minute introductory training webinar on the preceding Saturday of the workshop
(or view the recording after the event)

Undertake the preparation work with your team
(about 30 minutes)

Build your MVP in the 60 minute online workshop at the Saturday workshop
(Contact us for available dates)

(Mentors will be online to help you if you get stuck)

Only £19.00 per team

What are you waiting for - places are limited so sign up now!