60 minutes to build an MVP

The 60 minute MVP has 3 parts to it:

  1. A pre-workshop webinar

  2. A short preparation phase

  3. The workshop itself


Pre-workshop webinar (30 minutes)

This is not compulsory and may be viewed on the day (the week preceding the workshop itself) or as a video after the webinar.

The interactive webinar covers the following topics:

  • What is a minimum viable product (MVP)
  • The different types of MVP
  • Examples of MVP's and their results
  • Prerequisites for developing an MVP


Preparation phase (30 minutes)

You will receive a preparation pack (via the Mashauri platform) guiding you to undertake the following activities:

  • Sign up for the free tools to be used in the workshop (eg MailChimp)
  • Allocate roles to the members in your team
    • Landing page
    • Video
    • Currency
  • Review your role instructions
  • Prepare for the workshop


Advisory board

The 60 minute MVP online workshop (60 minutes)

All teams will log in to the online workshop. The workshop has five phases

  • Preparation, clarification and modus operandi
  • Developing the MVP components
  • Integrating the MVP
  • Show and tell
  • De-briefing and suggested way forward

Only £19.00 per team

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