What do you get when you give a university student an entrepreneurial mindset?

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Experiential learning

Our philosophy: you cannot learn to swim in a library,
nor can you learn to be an entrepreneur in a classroom.
Our 4 product categories all represent action-based learning

Virtual incubator

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Online schools and bootcamps

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Accredited entrepreneurship programs


It was a great experience, learning the skills for turning an idea into a reality! Through this programme, I gained extra entrepreneurial skills and the strength to actually turn an idea into a reality. I had a great time and learned a lot. I hope to be connected with EIT food and Mashauri in future.

Amanda Araujo de Franca
Amanda Araujo de Franca

Team building, team spirit, friendship, entrepreneurship mindset
Thank you for this amazing opportunity!

Catarina Chemetova
Catarina Chemetova

I think if all PhD students could have this kind of summer school we would have many more entrepreneurs. I enjoyed interacting with different people from different backgrounds.

Fernando Caixeta Lisboa
Fernando Caixeta Lisboa

An amazing self-investing, experience. I wish there where more summer schools like this one.

Jelena Perovic
Jelena Perovic

Mashauri has been very impactful to Findamentals. The COVID competition birthed Findamentals and the subsequent sessions brought about structure into how we can turn the idea into a viable business. With the guidance of Simon and the content, we were able to craft and get a paid pilot project rolling

Elijah Dan
Elijah Dan; Danei Rall

What makes Mashauri and Simon Gifford truly stand is the ability to meet you right where you are, - not where you supposed to end up. He demonstrates both professional and emotional intelligence through a process of customized training material and positive reinforcement. Through his teachings, coaching and encouragement, he has supported a “pivot” of both my business acumen and my personal growth as an aspiring entrepreneur"

Susanne Trillingsgaard Veno
Susanne Trillingsgaard Veno

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